The Way of the Mind gives simple answers on the Way the Mind Works

The way of the mind is a winding road. It goes up and down, in and out, above and below.

The fact that a subconscious mind is hiding behind the mind complicates things even more. No wonder we are sometimes losing our minds!

Today is and I am glad you decided to drop by. The purpose of this website is to attempt to make sense of our seemingly crazy minds, to understand why we think, act or react the way we do, and to find our way through the mind. It contains self-improvement articles on Relationships, Motivation, Anger and stress management, Grief, Sleep, Memory, Money, Smoking, and much more.

A visitor recently wrote "The information provided on this website is interesting and very educational. I have found solutions to my problems quickly."

The personal opinions presented here are not meant to replace professional advice, but to possibly help you understand yourself and others a bit better by providing you with information that may motivate you.

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Life Purpose E-Course
If you want to know what your life purpose is, this e-course is for you.
Stress Management Information
The Anger and Stress Management Information section deals with different aspects of our lives where stress and anxiety are prevalent, such as work, public speaking, insomnia, anger, etc.
Death Grief
Why does death grief hurt so much, and considering the pain we first feel when a dear one passes away, is it possible to get used to it?
Healing Mind Body
Healing Mind Body and Soul - this section deals with the special connection between the three physical, mental and spiritual levels of our being.
Improve Memory
This section is meant to help you expand and improve memory, but also understand how memory works.
Mind Test
Mind Test is the place where you can test your mind through questionnaires, drawings, quizzes and more.
I want money
The information on this I Want Money page is designed to help you understand your attitude towards money.
Motivation Information
The Motivation Information section, whether is gives tips to motivate ourselves or to motivate others, is meant to help us all feel better about ourselves.
Public Speaking Information
The Public Speaking Information section is meant to help you feel good when you speak, because the feelings of the audience are in harmony with the mood of the speaker.
Relationship Information
The Relationship Information section encompasses a wide variety of relationships: love and dating relationships, marriage relationships, work relationships, etc.
Sleep Problem
Sleep problem? Get ideas on what to do when you cannot sleep at night
Stop Smoking Advice
Stop smoking advice is only good if you are ready to listen to it. If you really want to quit, hypnosis may help!
Quick Weight Loss Tips
The following quick weight loss tips provide advice to help you lose weight in a variety of ways.
Download Free PDF Ebooks
Download free PDF ebooks. No charge. No commitment. Pay it forward by sharing the knowledge!
Free Hypnosis Downloads
Free hypnosis downloads allow you to find a quick remedy to stress, confidence or sleep problems.
Hypnosis Therapy
Hypnosis therapy or hypnotherapy: what it is and what its benefits are
Self Help Hypnosis
The following self help hypnosis products allow you to slowly and permanently reprogram your mind in the comfort of your own home, any time you want and for as long as you want
The Way of the Mind's Suggestions
Suggested books by The Way of the Mind
Hypnosis Seminars
These Hypnosis Seminars and Subconscious Social Skills Seminars are presented by Frederique Herel.
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