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With You in Mind, Issue #09 - Jan., 2009 -- Stress causes: Is your life stressful?
December 30, 2008

With You in Mind, Issue #09 -- Stress causes: Is your life stressful?
A Newsletter about the Fascinating Way the Mind Works

In this Issue:
Way of the Mind's Article: Stress causes: Is your life stressful?
Mind Boggling: How many thoughts a day?
Subconscious Mind Products: Putting Stress to Rest
Mind Games: Golf and pizzas
Mind Tickle, by John Patrick
Bear in Mind my Upcoming Events: Seminar, radio interview, belly dance and more
What's in Your Mind? Your questions
At the Back of My Mind - Next month's newsletter


What? Already the end of 2008? Where did it go? With this type of comments, I show my age! Remember how slowly our first 10 years of existence went by, when we couldn't wait to grow old! My parents used to say that, when I would reach their age, it would go faster. Darn, they were right!

If you find your life stressful, you will get some ideas in this issue. I hope the year 2009 will be a good one for you. I wish you all the best - and more - to you and yours!

As always,, don't hesitate to drop me a line about this newsletter or the previous ones. Back issues can be found here.

Way of the Mind's Article: Stress causes - Is your life stressful?
Stress causes vary depending on the individual. However, some events are definitely stressful to all of us!
In 1967, T. H. Holmes and R. H. Rahe developed a test by having a large number of volunteers rate the effect of various stressful events in their life. The scale I have produced is adapted from their work and modernized.
Test your Stress
Identify the stressful events that have taken place in your life in the last 12 months and add up the points. Then evaluate your susceptibility to illness and mental health problems by checking your results in the scoring section. You will find the scale and the scoring section if you read the rest of this article here.

Mind Boggling
How much does a human brain think? 70,000 is the number of thoughts that it is estimated the human brain produces on an average day. Now, whether those thoughts are productive or not is another question!

Subconscious Mind Featured Product
Putting Stress to Rest - A Hypnosis Session on Stress Release
If a bit of stress can actually be beneficial, because it focuses your attention, extreme stress can bring many health problems. However, how often do you consciously take time to relax? Any type of hypnosis is naturally conducive to relaxation, but this specific session is just like a mental spa, allowing you to instantly dissolve the stress you feel and dive into a world of peace and serenity. Don't wait any longer, listen and... relax! All it takes is 27 minutes of easy listening per day.

View product information and/or purchase downloadable version (mp3)

You can also purchase the CD on

Mind Games
Robert and David played several golf matches against each other in a week. They played for a pizza at each match, but no pizzas were purchased until the end of the week. If at any time Robert and David had the same number of wins, those pizzas were cancelled. Robert won four matches (but no pizzas), and David won three pizzas. How many rounds of golf were played?

You will find the solution in the next issue of "With You in Mind" but you still have one month to think about it!

Solution of last newsletter's Mind Game:
Both Mandy and Milly are daughters - May is Milly's mother and Mandy's grandmother.

Mind Tickle
"Pain makes man think. Thought makes man wise. Wisdom makes life endurable." - John Patrick

Bear in Mind my Upcoming Events

How to Make Yourself Irresistible
January 8, 2009 at 10AM - Burlington Art Centre - Sponsored by the North Burlington Women's Probus Club
This is an open event that I believe anyone can attend, especially women.

Universal Energy Training
If you are interested in healing yourself of pain and disease, Universal Energy through MEL training may be for you.
Those techniques will be taught during my next Basic classes, held in Oakville on January 18, February 22 and March 15. If you wish to attend, reply to this newsletter.

Belly Dance Classes
If you think that Belly Dance is not for the mind, guess again... It increases Women's self-esteem and develops Men's sense of appreciation!
I am planning to teach a series of six belly dance classes for beginners, in Mississauga in January and February. Please contact Anne Trieu at 905-897-6834 or trieuanne@yahoo.cato register

Radio Interview
On January 13, I will be interviewed by Sue London on BlogTalkRadio, a social radio network that provides of thousands of internet talk radio shows. I will talk about what you have always wanted to know about past-life regressions! Details on my interview are posted on Sue's website. Feel free to visit Sue's radio show on-line. You can also listen to the interview afterwards.

What's in Your Mind?
I would love to receive your questions, suggestions or comments. If you have an interesting question, I may decide to write an article about it!

At the Back of My Mind
Watch out for next month's newsletter. I will share tips on how to change someone and will feature a product intended to reduce pain.

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Till next time, keep me in mind!


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