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With You in Mind, Issue #21 - January, 2010 -- How to deal with stress at work
December 30, 2009

With You in Mind, Issue #20 - January, 2010 -- How to deal with stress at work
A Newsletter about the Fascinating Way the Mind Works

In this Issue:
Way of the Mind's Article: How to deal with stress at work
Mind Boggling: The quickest way to get to know a person
Subconscious Mind Products: Fountain of Youth
Mind Games: How old is Joel?
Mind Tickle, by Winston Churchill
Bear in Mind my Upcoming Events: Seminars and Belly Dance
What's on Your Mind? Your questions
At the Back of My Mind - Next month's newsletter


December was a busy month for vacation and learning, especially after attending, in Palm Desert, a seminar entitled "Never Work Again".
Now I am even busier because I have a lot to do before I can do nothing! No wonder I am talking about stress in this issue. My stress advice and my Fountain of Youth recording are just the things you need to start the New Year successfully.
Therefore, I wish you a healthy, rewarding and enjoyable 2010!
As always, don't hesitate to drop me a line about this issue or the previous ones. Back issues can be found here.

Way of the Mind's Article: How to deal with stress at work
How to deal with stress at work when everything needs to be done RIGHT NOW? You are working on an urgent report and are about to return an important call, when your boss brings you a letter to read immediately and a co-worker begs you to fix a computer problem.
You see your choices as being: (1) pull your hair out; (2) scream loud enough to break windows; or (3) tell them all to go suck an egg.
However, you may be interested in keeping your job a little longer. There are also less drastic - but not necessarily better - options to deal with stress at work. Like many people, you could try to do everything at once. Unfortunately it takes more time and nothing gets done well. Or you can do what I used to do: increase your work speed, like in an old silent movie, and reduce your breathing (despite recurrent efforts, one breath every 30 minutes is definitely not enough!)
If you recognize yourself in this example, maybe it is time you do something about it. Before you go any further, make a commitment to yourself...
Read the rest of this article here.

Mind Boggling
What is the quickest way to get to know a person? Is it to go dancing, to go bowling or to go for a drive?
According the studies, when two people go driving together, other distractions relieve the tension, therefore allowing more spontaneity and a better chance to discover each other.

Subconscious Mind Featured Product
Fountain of Youth - A Hypnosis Session on Metabolism, Energy, and Body Cells
By fostering cell regeneration, metabolism acceleration and energy increase, this preventive hypnosis session promotes long-term health while providing an instant "picker-upper." Perfect for body and mind!
View product information and/or purchase downloadable version (mp3)

Mind Games
Joel is very shy when being asked questions, especially his age, so his mother answers for him:
"I'm just seven times as old as he is now. In twenty years, he'll be half as old as I will be then."
How old is Joel?

You will find the solution in the next issue of With You in Mind but you still have one month to think about it!

Solution of last newsletter's Mind Game:
Assuming Marcelle is married: If it were a Monday, it would then be true that either the day is Monday or Marcelle is married, but she could not make such a true statement on a Monday. Therefore the day of the week must be other than Monday and the statement must be true. We can then conclude that the day is other than Monday and that Marcelle is married.

I received few answers this time, and nobody got this one. Too bad! But I hope everyone will guess Joel's age before next month's newsletter.

Mind Tickle
"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill

Bear in Mind my Upcoming Events

Upcoming Seminar: "Build It and They Will Come..."
For the last few years, I have been testing ways to monetize my website in order to make money automatically, on top of my regular activities.
I am not a millionaire (yet!) but I have been getting encouraging results that I would like to share with others.
Therefore, I have decided to organize a No-Charge one-hour seminar during which I will talk about my experience of building a website that attracts traffic.

Date: Thursday, January 7, 2010
Time: 7 to 8 p.m. (Come at 6:30 p.m. to socialize and network)
Location: Sapphire Banquet and Conference Centre
959 Derry Rd. E, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Cost: None

If you or - someone you know - are interested in a cheap way to make automatic money, come and join us. Please reply to this email to register.

Belly Dance
Awaken your goddess within and join Bonnie Ross, Psychospiritual Therapist, who is offering a Divine Drum Circle, along with Frederique Herel, professional Belly Dancer, for an incredible soul moving experience!
This unique combination of drumming and dancing will truly raise your vibration to euphoric heights.
Enjoy a potluck dinner at Marilyn's beautiful home/centre which she calls The Monk & the Madame Inn.

Date: Saturday, January 16, 2010
Time: Noon to 2 p.m. - Psychic readings (by appointment)
2 to 4 p.m. - Drumming and Belly Dancing
Potluck dinner to follow - Please bring a dish

Register at
Fee: $35 (or $30 with own drum)
Belly dancing scarves supplied

What's on Your Mind?
I would love to receive your questions, suggestions or comments. If you have an interesting question, I may decide to write an article about it!

At the Back of My Mind
Watch out for next month's newsletter. I will share tips on the Law of Abundance and will feature a product entitled Abundance, the Secret in Action.

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