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With You in Mind, Issue #03 -- How to Deal with Manipulative People
May 30, 2008

With You in Mind - Issue #03 - June, 2008
A Newsletter about the Fascinating Way the Mind Works

In this Issue:
Way of the Mind's Article: How to Deal with Manipulative People
Mind Boggling: Facts about the brain
Subconscious Mind Featured Product: Turbo-Metabolism
Mind Games: Which letter comes next?
Mind Tickle, by Mark Twain
Bear in Mind my Upcoming Events: Seminars
What's in Your Mind? Your questions
At the Back of My Mind - Next month's newsletter


I am starting to get more reactions from my readers. I am thanking those who sent me their guesses to the Mind Games. You were right! May has been very busy - to the point of being overwhelming - but also extremely productive. I hope that, like me, you are looking forward to the Summer months. Feeling hot yet? As always, feel free to drop me a line about this newsletter or the previous ones. Back issues can be found here.

Way of the Mind's Article: How to Deal with Manipulative People
Manipulative people are not obvious because they act in a sneaky way. When someone is openly aggressive, at least we know what is happening and can react according. But when the aggressiveness is hidden, we know something is wrong but we can't pinpoint what it is. We find ourselves on the defensive and we tend to hate ourselves for it because we think we are making up things. However, usually our feelings are right: we are being manipulated.
Here is a partial list of manipulative behaviors, and how to deal with them. Keep in mind there are many more. Also, be aware that most of us are part of those manipulative people one time or another!
a. A question disguised as a statement
b. Making a personal statement and pretending it is someone else's
c. Guilt trips
d. Confrontational statements
e. The "silent treatment"
f. The "no way out" question
g. Lies
Read the rest of this article here.

Mind Boggling
When you were born, your brain weighed about 350-400g and you had almost all the brain cells you will ever have. In fact, your brain was closer to its full adult size than any other organ in your body. The weight of an average human brain is about 1300-1400g, and your skin weighs twice as much as your brain! At age 18, your brain stopped growing. Hopefully, your mind is still expanding!

Subconscious Mind Featured Product
Turbo-Metabolism, a Hypnosis Session to Boost your Metabolism
Sometimes by going on a diet to lose weight, we teach our metabolism to slow down, thus reducing our energy level and lowering our ability to burn calories. Turbo-Metabolism is a tested and proven guided imagery technique, which allows you to accelerate your metabolism by working on the different glands of your body. While relaxing you, it will help you burn more calories and have more energy.

To achieve the best results, listen to it twice a day for the first 2 weeks, once a day for 4 weeks, and just once a week afterwards.
View product information and/or purchase downloadable version (mp3)

Mind Games
Which letter comes next in this pattern? A S D F G?

You will find the solution in the next issue of "With You in Mind" but you still have one month to think about it!

Solution of last month's Mind Game:
Mrs. Fumblefinger’s ring fell into a can of dry, ground coffee.

Mind Tickle
“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.” – Mark Twain

Bear in Mind my Upcoming Events

Subconscious Skills Seminar
How to Make Yourself Irresistible – June 12, 2008 at 7:30PM
A Seminar on Making Your Very Best First Impression. You have 20 seconds to make a first impression! Find out what matters most when you're trying to entice people.

Universal Energy Training
Universal Energy, similar to what different cultures call Prana, Chi or Ki, is the energy of life. “Mankind Enlightenment Love” or “MEL”, a school promoting healing through this energy, teaches an ancient method based on the concept that our bodies can be attuned to channel and use Universal Energy for healing. With proper training, everyone, regardless of educational and spiritual background, can learn to channel this energy into a person's body to enhance the body's natural ability to heal.

Training is available to anyone 14 and over. It consists of “opening the chakras”, an initiation that awakens an innate ability to direct this special energy for healing oneself and others. The treatment uses the same main nerve centers (chakras) as does acupuncture, except without needles.

At the Basic Level, the maximum healing time allowed is 5 minutes. At higher levels, the healing time is even shorter and the powers are increased.

As an approved MEL instructor, I will teach my next Basic class on June 15, 2008.

Read more about Universal Energy, and/or register to a class.

What's in Your Mind?
Feel free to send me your questions, suggestions or comments. If you have an interesting question, I may decide to write an article about it!

At the Back of My Mind
Watch out for next month's newsletter. I will share tips on Age and Memory Loss and will feature a product intended to increase your concentration and your memory.

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