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With You in Mind, Issue #14 - June, 2009 -- Meditation Tips for Beginners
May 30, 2009

With You in Mind, Issue #14 -- Meditation Tips for Beginners
A Newsletter about the Fascinating Way the Mind Works

In this Issue:
Way of the Mind's Article: Meditation Tips for Beginners
Mind Boggling: Famous rejections
Subconscious Mind Products: Turbo-Metabolism
Mind Games: A question of milliseconds
Mind Tickle, by Charles Schulz
Bear in Mind my Upcoming Events: Seminars, healing and belly dance
What's in Your Mind? Your questions
At the Back of My Mind - Next month's newsletter


My Transatlantic cruise was even better than expected! I managed to have 13 grannies bellydance on stage in front of a huge audience that gave them a standing ovation.
In the middle of the Atlantic, I also managed to send physical postcards - with stamps - from my computer. Incredible!
For your comfort, this issue offers meditation tips for your mind and a Turbo-Metabolism session for your body.
As always,, don't hesitate to drop me a line about this newsletter or the previous ones. Back issues can be found here.

Way of the Mind's Article: Meditation Tips for Beginners
The meditation tips presented here are meant to help you achieve temporary peace through meditation. In this universe of accelerating change, activity, and stress, peace no matter how temporary - is a rare and welcome treat. However, the discipline it takes to sit quietly and think of nothing often requires more effort than we are willing to endure.
While there are many different and sometimes intricate ways to meditate, these few meditation tips should simplify the process for you, especially if you are a beginner.
Find the time to do it. This is one of the biggest challenges we face in our busy schedules. Strive to meditate when you first wake up in the morning, or just before going to bed. At the beginning, try one to five minutes at a time so that you develop discipline in bite sizes. A short period of calm is better than nothing. Once you are doing it regularly, slowly increase the length of your meditation.
Still the mind. The idea sounds self-defeating, doesn't it? With our mind always on the go, how can we slow it down? According to Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled series, just sitting quietly every day and letting your ideas roam is a great way to achieve success. Try this approach at first. Later on, you will be better prepared to work on the mind.
Read the rest of this article here.

Mind Boggling
If at first you don't succeed, consider those famous rejections:
- Mr. Bell, please remove that silly toy from my office. There is no room in the market for a telephone.
- Watches with no hands? You're crazy!
- You want to sell me a chicken recipe? You'll never get this idea off the ground, Colonel Sanders!

Subconscious Mind Featured Product
Turbo-Metabolism - A Hypnosis Session to Boost your Metabolism
Sometimes by going on a diet to lose weight, we teach our metabolism to slow down, thus reducing our energy level and lowering our ability to burn calories. Turbo-Metabolism is a tested and proven guided imagery technique, which allows you to increase your metabolism by working on the different glands of your body. While relaxing you, it will help you burn more calories and have more energy. To achieve the best results, listen to it twice a day for the first 2 weeks, once a day for 4 weeks, and just once a week afterwards.
View product information and/or purchase downloadable version (mp3)

Mind Games
If a millisecond is a thousandth of a second, how many milliseconds are there in a minute?

You will find the solution in the next issue of "With You in Mind" but you still have one month to think about it!

Solution of last newsletter's Mind Game:

Mind Tickle
"I've developed a new philosophy. I only dread life one day at a time." - Charlie Brown (Charles Schulz's "Peanuts")

Bear in Mind my Upcoming Events

I will have a booth, and will do a brief presentation on Self-Hypnosis at an event called "Get Connected Night" in Mississauga, Ontario, on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 from 6:00 to 9:30 pm.
There is no charge to attend.
For more information, just reply to this email.

Universal Energy Training
Would you like to become a healer?
One-day Basic Level Seminar of Universal Energy, offered in St. Catharines, Ontario, on Sunday, June 14, 2009, at Daniela Day Spa, 286 Bunting Rd., St. Catharines.
For information, call Daniela at 905-685-0990.

Belly Dance Classes
I am planning a 5-week series of mother-daughter classes called "Belly Bonds" held in Oakville, Ontario on Thursdays, starting July 2, 2009. If you are interested, register at Sharkey's Cuts for Kids (905-257-5515).

I also have a few private belly dance parties scheduled. Those parties allow you to discover belly dance in one hour. Even with no previous experience, you will be able to perform a simple routine at the end of the class. Beside getting a great workout, you will feel sexy, recharged, and happy with your body!

Perfect for Bridal Showers, Stagettes, Birthday Parties, Girls Nights, and any gathering of women looking for a fun experience!

What's in Your Mind?
I would love to receive your questions, suggestions or comments. If you have an interesting question, I may decide to write an article about it!

At the Back of My Mind
Watch out for next month's newsletter. I will share tips on How to say no and will feature a product intended to help people quit smoking.

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