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With You in Mind, Issue #40 - March, 2015 – What is your Life Purpose?
March 24, 2015

With You in Mind, Issue #40 - March, 2015
What is your Life Purpose?
A Newsletter about the Fascinating Way the Mind Works

In this Issue:
Way of the Mind's Article: What is your Life Purpose?
Mind Boggling: Crying in Space
Mind Games: About letters
Mind Tickle, by Albert Einstein
What's on Your Mind? Your Questions


It has been a long time since my last newsletter, but I am still around and busy as a bee! I have accomplished many things, and I am happy to report that most of my income is now coming from online sources, often automatically!

I was able to achieve this type of freedom by deciding what I really wanted in life. I did it through various exercises that helped me clarify my life purpose. I believe many of my readers would benefit from something similar, so I have created a 9-week Life Purpose E-Course, which is presented below.

In this newsletter, you can also learn about crying in space, interesting letters and another mind tickle by Albert Einstein.

As always, don't hesitate to drop me a line about this issue or the previous ones. Back issues can be found here.

What is your Life Purpose?

Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is, what you were born for, what you were meant to accomplish? You are not alone. There are many reasons why you may want to discover your life purpose.

Reasons for wanting to find your life purpose

1. For starters, it is a fun exercise of self-discovery. Thinking about your future allows you to understand who you are and where you came from.

2. Your life purpose helps you make the best use of your time, talents and skills. It acts as a compass - or a GPS - pointing to a general direction that is right for you, while allowing you to follow your own itinerary at your own pace. Even if you are lost for a little while, you will eventually find your way. Knowing your life purpose will be a tremendous tool when you are making difficult choices and decisions.

3. Because this "compass" removes the fear associated with not knowing where to go, it will make you more assertive and serene in your life and you will be better equipped to make the right choices.

4. You will experience a sense of purpose and responsibility and you will feel more in control of your life. With a heightened sense of purpose, there is no need for hiding negative feelings with addictions such as overworking, overeating, alcohol, drugs, etc.

5. Through the process of uncovering your life purpose, you will understand why you may have been drawn to activities that others may not have supported. 6. Finally, you will realize that there is not only one way to live your life and you will stay flexible while enjoying the present and creating a future in harmony with the reason why you have been born.
Read the rest of this article here.

Mind Boggling
Crying in Space
In space, astronauts cannot cry, because there is no gravity, so the tears can't flow.

Mind Games
About Letters
Look at the letters below. What is the difference between the letters on the first line and the ones on the second line?


Since I don't know when the next newsletter will be published, if you are interested in the solution, send me your answer, and I will reply.

If you have received the last issue of With You in Mind a long time ago, you may remember the following problem:

Name and Occupation?
Mr. Missionary, Mr. Composer, Mr. Psychiatrist and Mr. Detective are old friends. No one is currently - nor has ever been - in the same occupation as their name and no one has had the same occupation twice. Alan is now a missionary, whereas Mr. Brian Missionary used to be a composer. The person who is now a psychiatrist used to be a missionary. Charlie has never been a composer. Mr. Darren Psychiatrist has never been a missionary and Mr. Composer is not presently a psychiatrist. Can you determine their full names, along with their current and previous occupations?

I let you think about it for a few minutes... The solution of this Mind Game appears at the bottom of this newsletter.

Mind Tickle
Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them. - Albert Einstein

What's on Your Mind?
I would love to receive your questions, suggestions or comments.

If you enjoyed this newsletter,, please forward it to a friend.

And now, here is the solution the 'Name and Occupation' Mind Game:

Alan Composer: 1. Missionary; 2. Psychiatrist
Brian Missionary: 1. Detective; 2. Composer
Charlie Detective: 1. Psychiatrist; 2. Missionary
Darren Psychiatrist: 1. Composer; 2. Detective
(1 = Current occupation; 2 = Previous occupation)

Till next time, keep me in mind!


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