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With You in Mind, Issue #17 - September, 2009 -- Why do I feel so high when I am in love?
August 30, 2009

With You in Mind, Issue #17 - September, 2009 -- Why do I feel so high when I am in love?
A Newsletter about the Fascinating Way the Mind Works

In this Issue:
Way of the Mind's Article: Why do I feel so high when I am in love?
Mind Boggling: Wallet Pictures
Subconscious Mind Products: Letting Go
Mind Games: Who is the young woman?
Mind Tickle, by G. K. Chesterton
Bear in Mind my Upcoming Events: Seminars, Healing and Belly Dance
What's on Your Mind? Your questions
At the Back of My Mind - Next month's newsletter


Back to earth - and to Canada - after an ethereal week of Orthodox choral training in France with Koitcho Atanassov. Wow, what a marvelous experience! I am still feeling high, hence the theme of this newsletter! And it will soon be time to let go...
As always,, don't hesitate to drop me a line about this newsletter or the previous ones. Back issues can be found here.

Way of the Mind's Article: Why do I feel so high when I am in love?
Love chemistry is definitely chemistry! If you are wondering why you feel so high when you are in love, it is because different chemicals in the brain make you feel like you are on drugs. And you are!
While we still don't know exactly why the "falling in love" process starts between two people, it is now a fact that people in love produce a higher-than-normal level of chemicals. Some of those chemicals - called "neurotransmitters" - are dopamine, phenylethylamine and oxytocin.
Dopamine is often called the "pleasure chemical". It is the hormone that make lovers feel an erotic high when they see each other. Being a natural endorphin, it relaxes the body and kills pain. Other symptoms of love chemistry that are related to dopamine are dilated pupils, heart racing, slight perspiration, as well as euphoria and craving. It is thanks to dopamine that people find the energy - or impulse - to meet someone in the first place. Interestingly, high levels of dopamine are present in people suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. No wonder lovers are so focused on each other!
Read the rest of this article here.

Mind Boggling
Pollsters say that 40 percent of dog and cat owners carry pictures of their pets in their wallets. I have to admit I am one of the 40 percent... but my Sweetie's photo is right beside my three cats!

Subconscious Mind Featured Product
Letting Go - A Healing Journey through Symbols and Imagery
This healing journey will take you to a meadow, a mountain, a forest, and different places selected for the symbols they represent in our psyche. Without actually identifying any problem in your life, you will be able to deal with them with images, letting go of the emotions attached to them without having to bring them out. Letting Go is a therapeutic session that is both enjoyable and unobtrusive.
View product information and/or purchase downloadable version (mp3)
You can also enjoy a sample on this session on YouTube.

Mind Games
A young woman is whisked away to a far off land, where she kills the first person she meets. Then she teams up with three others to kill again. Who is this young woman and what is the title of this famous story?

You will find the solution in the next issue of "With You in Mind" but you still have one month to think about it!

Solution of last newsletter's Mind Game:
Laetitia's birthday must be on December 31 of some year. Let's say she was born on December 31, 2000. That means Laetitia's ninth birthday is December 31, 2009. And let's say "today" is January 1, 2010.
If we suppose these things, then two days earlier would be December 30, 2009, the day before Laetitia's ninth birthday. She was 8.
Now let's get back to today's date, January 1, 2010. "Next year" is 2011.
On January 1, 2011, she'll only be 10, but on December 31 that same year, she'll be 11.

Mind Tickle
"The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid." - G. K. Chesterton

Bear in Mind my Upcoming Events

I can speak to groups on a variety of topics including:
- How to Be an Energizer Bunny
- How to Make Yourself Irresistible
- How to Read People based on their Handshake
- Putting Stress to Rest
- Training Your Mind for Success
- Letting Go
If you are interested in offering one of those seminars in your organization, reply to this email.

Universal Energy Training
The next one-day Basic Level Seminar of Universal Energy will be held on Sunday, September 13, 2009, in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. If you wish to take this training, please reply to this email.

Belly Dance Classes
I had the opportunity to teach belly dance to my fellow choir singers in France. You should have seen those men performing belly circles and hip bumps... Enlightening!
I have a few private belly dance parties scheduled in September. Those parties allow participants to discover belly dance in one hour. Even with no previous experience, you will be able to perform a simple routine at the end of the class. Besides getting a great workout, you will feel sexy, recharged, and happy with your body!
Perfect for Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Stagettes, Girls Nights, and any gathering of women - and men - looking for a fun experience!
Available in Oakville, Ontario and bordering areas.

What's on Your Mind?
I would love to receive your questions, suggestions or comments. If you have an interesting question, I may decide to write an article about it!

At the Back of My Mind
Watch out for next month's newsletter. I will share tips on what is self-esteem and will feature a product intended to help people with cardiovascular troubles.

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