Are We Compatible?
It's in Our Hands!

Are we compatible? If this is what you and your partner are wondering, you could take the little test below and see your probability of success together.

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It is fun - and a somewhat magical - but I wouldn't give too much credibility to this computer-based test! Instead, I invite you to look at both of your hands, in particular your thumb. Palmistry - or hand analysis - is an excellent way of discovering what you have in common... nor not! In the past, I subjected all my boyfriends to a hand analysis as soon as I met them. While I often didn't trust the insights the analysis revealed, they always proved to be right in the long term. I have the pleasure of reporting that this method does works! My Sweetie and I have been in a happy relationship for almost 12 years now, and our daily interactions are incredibly similar to my original analysis! In this article, I present one of the features that will help you answer the question "Are we compatible?" Why not try your hand at palmistry and see for yourself? Are we compatible when it comes to flexibility?

The answer is in the thumb: is it firm or flexible?

The thumb can be checked for suppleness. The way it bends or stays firm will reflect how flexible or how rigid you are.

How does the thumb bend?

If you hold your thumb up, it may curve backward, or it may stay straight. If it stays straight, try applying pressure on the fleshy part. If it doesn’t bend or bends only very slightly, the thumb is firm (left image). If it curves, with or without help, it is a flexible thumb (right image).

If the thumb is firm

The person is able to undertake tasks with a sense of purpose and responsibility. He or she is very reliable, serious and careful. If the thumb is extremely stiff, the person can be rigid and may be hindered by too many rules.

If the thumb is flexible

People with a flexible thumb are generous and spontaneous. They are willing to change their schedule in order to help others. Because rules are not important to them, they may lack discipline and persistence. They can be less reliable or not reliable at all!

Which combination works best in a relationship?

It will depend on the different personalities involved. Two partners with the same level of flexibility can be considered either too stiff or too unreliable by others, but they should be able to recognize themselves in their partner, even though it might be hard to accept!

A couple made up of a firm thumb and a flexible thumb will have an opportunity to learn from the other side. As long as the couple gets along well, the two partners will combine the generosity of one and the reliability of the other. When conflict arises however, they may start to express respectively their lack of discipline or their rigidity. One more reason to understand each other, improve their own attitude, and make the best of the relationship!

When a couple asks "Are we compatible?"

Sample relationship evaluation done by looking at both partners' hands.

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