Flirting body language:
How good are you at reading it?

How good are you at reading flirting body language?
Try to determine whether the following statements are true or false. If you have a choice, select the most appropriate answer.

To take the "Flirting body language" test:
a. Read the statements.
b. Write down your replies.
c. Check the answer by rolling your mouse over the "Check Answer" button.
d. Afterward, you will tally your score.

1. The voice of someone who is flirting has a higher pitch than usual.
True or false?

2. To attract a man, a woman should dress to stimulate a sense of touch.
True or false?

3. Asymmetrical clothing, such as a diagonal stripe, or a dress worn off the shoulder, catches a man's eye in a positive way.
True or false?

4. The quickest way to get to know a person is to:
a. Go dancing
b. Go bowling
c. Go for a drive

5. You can tell that someone is interested in you if he/she:
a. Stands with feet turned inwards
b. Tilts his/her head sideways
c. Grasps at parts of his/her body
d. Does all of these things

6. A woman mirrors the moves or positions of a man. The moment is right to start a conversation.
True or false?

7. On a first date you should show someone you like them by showering them with affection, or casually slinging your arm across their shoulder.
True or false?

8. In deciding where to dine, you should consider the mood of a restaurant more carefully than its menu.
True or false?

9. If you gaze downward while speaking to an attractive person, you're saying in fact:
a. I'm harmless, you may approach
b. I'd rather not speak with you
c. I feel a bit inferior

10. To present the best possible image, a man should raise his chin, square his shoulders, and slightly lift his chest.
True or false?

11. A woman smiles at a man and notices that his lips are tense. Is lip-clenching a positive or negative sign?

12. When a man sitting next to a woman on a bus reads his magazine a bit conspicuously, overdoes it, mouthes the words, chuckles aloud: he's trying to "break the ice."
True or false?

13. A sure sign of attraction is when a woman:
a. Points with her index finger
b. Rolls her hand, palms up
c. Makes a series of gestures, palms down

14. You can tell if a man is flirting with a woman if he keeps checking her reaction to his signals with his eyes.
True or false?

Flirting Body Language

15. You can easily spot "couples" because they stand closer than unmatched pairs and touch at will.
True or false?

16. The perfect flirting clothes consist of:
a. A three-color contrast
b. A tan-colored scarf or tie to accent the flesh tones of your face

17. Someone who flirts is often somewhat excited and childlike.
True or false?

18. If a man wants to attract a woman, he should dress in visually stimulating clothing.
True or false?

19. Even after having sexual relations, a couple can keep it "casual" if they are mature about their relationship.
True or false?

20. When a man swaggers into a party, he is communicating, in effect:
a. "I am here"
b. "I am male"
c. "I am macho"

21. You should memorize a few opening lines in order to make small talk easier at parties.
True or false?

22. Most men don't like a woman to wear perfume.
True or false?

23. When you "dress to attract," be sure your top is one color and your bottom another.
True or false?

24. Women are generally attracted to men who:
a. Are tall
b. Are muscular
c. Have attractive eyes

Now, tally your results by giving yourself one point for each right answer.

18 to 24 points - You have keen insight in decoding flirting body language.
8 to 17 points - You are average in the art of deciphering flirting body language.
0 to 7 points - Wake up! You are missing many love signals. Time to study flirting body language.

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