Free Hypnosis Downloads

The following free hypnosis downloads are mp3 files that you can listen to when you are in need of a quick remedy.

To save one or all of those files, right-click on the appropriate link below (or Option-click if you are on a Mac), choose "Save Link As..." (or a similar option) and select the directory where you want to download your file. Depending on the way your computer is configured, you may be able to listen to this session directly on your computer.

All you have to do is close your eyes, and let hypnosis do its magic!

Here are the free hypnosis sessions currently available:

If you are feeling agitated or totally overwhelmed by stress, listen to:
Stress Buster (4 min. 41 sec.) and learn to relax.
(To purchase the full version, entitled Putting Stress to Rest, click here.)

If your self-esteem is low and you need a boost of confidence, listen to:
Picker-Upper (5 min. 10 sec.) and feel your confidence soar.
(To purchase the full version, entitled Confidence Booster, click here. )

If you are trying to sleep but keep tossing and turning, listen to:
Sleep Finder (3 min. 17 sec.)
(To purchase the full version, entitled Sleep Tight All Night, click here. )

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