Fun Personality Test:
Who are you?

This fun personality test has been used in my family for years. It can be done with a group and usually generates laughter and good mood!

Click on the illustration and print the resulting PDF file, or just take a sheet of paper and reproduce the six symbols as they appear on the illustration, i.e., a circle, a triangle, a square, a horizontal line, a vertical line, and a dot.

Now, add some details to each symbol to turn it into something concrete, a picture.

For instance, if you had a wavy line, you may decide it is the sea and you could add another wavy line and a sun. Or you may determine it is a snake, and just double the line and add an eye!

Each symbol must be treated separately. Your drawing doesn’t have to be pretty as long as you know what it represents. You can also explain what it is with a few words, without adding anything to it.

Do not spend more than three minutes on the whole test.

Once you are done, click here to get an interpretation. And don’t take it too seriously!

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