How to Deal with
Stress at Work?

How to deal with stress at work when everything needs to be done RIGHT NOW? You are working on an urgent report and are about to return an important call, when your boss brings you a letter to read immediately and a co-worker begs you to fix a computer problem.

You see your choices as being: (1) pull your hair out; (2) scream loud enough to break windows; or (3) tell them all to go suck an egg.

However, you may be interested in keeping your job a little longer. There are also less drastic – but not necessarily better – options to deal with stress at work. Like many people, you could try to do everything at once. Unfortunately it takes more time and nothing gets done well. Or you can do what I used to do: increase your work speed, like in an old silent movie, and reduce your breathing (despite recurrent efforts, one breath every 30 minutes is definitely not enough!)

If you recognize yourself in this example, maybe it is time you do something about it. Before you go any further, make a commitment to yourself.

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In the situation I described at the beginning of this article, what can you do? You need to pull yourself together and assess the situation. If you don’t have an office door to close, just go to the bathroom. It may not be very cozy but it will give you the required privacy. Then take a few deep breaths.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and do not know how to deal with stress, ask for help. Yes, right there, ask for spiritual help. Depending on your beliefs, you can talk to your god, your conscience, your intuition, or the part of you that knows better. It usually has a calming effect.

At that point, look at all the tasks that need to be performed. You will frequently notice that some are less urgent than they appeared to be at first. You have about 30 minutes to return Monica’s call. The urgent report can easily be finished within two hours. You can read Jim’s letter in 15 minutes. The only real urgency is to help Peggy print the slides.

Depending on your position, you can ask your boss to prioritize your tasks, or delegate duties to your employees. You may also be able to re-negotiate deadlines by explaining the situation to the people expecting your work. People are usually more understanding when they are told what is happening.

I have repeatedly found that, with this type of crisis, it usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to get help from “up there.” It gives me just enough time to calm down and learn to be patient. Suddenly everything falls back into place. I have temporarily learned how to deal with stress. It seems that I have passed the psychological test... at least, until the next time!

Another very useful remedy consists of training your subconscious mind to react positively to stress.

Type below a typical stressful situation you experience on a regular basis:

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Do you enjoy this type of stress, or are you ready to change your reaction to stress and not let it bother you any longer?

If you are willing to spend 27 minutes a day listening to a soothing recording that will slowly change your subconscious mind and then your life, by teaching you how to deal with stress, click here. You will be able to listen to a sample.

And now, take a nice deep breath, and relaaaax!

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