Intuition Power:
How to Trust your Intuition

Intuition power is the little light that goes on or off to drive you to act a certain way when logic is not involved. However, we sometimes confuse our intuition with our emotions. The following article will help you know the difference.

“My intuition tells me David is in love with me!” Mona assured me. However, my own intuition was telling me that Mona’s emotions – not her intuition - were in charge, and that David’s thoughtfulness was not a reflection of his love for Mona.

I was right. A few months later, we all learned that David, whose kindness and consideration was every woman’s dream, was already committed to his boyfriend, Jason, and was definitely not sensitive to Mona’s advances.

Intuition is a great thing but how can you tell whether you are influenced by your emotions or your intuition, especially when you are both emotional and intuitive! You feel the urge to make a phone call, to write a letter or a book, to start a business, or to buy a cruise with a person you just met. Should you do it? Is your Intuition Power tapping you on the shoulder, or are you being engulfed by your roaring passion?


My first piece of advice is: “Wait!” Roaring passion is impatient but rarely persistent. By waiting, you get to see through it! The waiting period will be proportional to the lasting effect of your decision. If you feel the urge to make a call to this person you are pursuing or to buy this expensive coat, a pause of few hours or a few days may do the trick. However, if the urge is to make a major investment, start a business, become a Buddhist monk, or get married, I suggest you wait for 3 months, which is usually the time necessary to cool down.


My second piece of advice is: “Ask your Intuition Power.” You can replace the words Intuition Power with Higher Power, God, Soul, Inner Advisor, etc. Basically your Intuition Power is the part of you that knows better and that can advise you. But you are already aware of it since you are reading about intuition! Ask your Intuition Power to “send you in the right direction” and repeat this request on a regular basis.

What happens after a while is that you are rarely confronted with those hard decisions. Things arrange themselves before you have to make a decision, or the decision is so obvious that it is easy to make. Here is an example.

I was looking forward to going to a party with my boyfriend. I then learned the party was actually an “evening with the guys” to which I was not invited. A bit disappointed at first, I immediately planned an evening with a few girlfriends, which turned out to be a very pleasant and inspiring event.

What was even more inspiring was to discover that, due to some miscommunication, the original “evening with the guys” was actually a co-ed party that I could have attended. I also learned that a violent man at the party started to fight with his girlfriend, became violent, punched his girlfriend, and did quite a lot of damage before the police were called. I am the non-violent type and being in this environment would have been very upsetting to me. Instead, I spent a peaceful evening with wonderful ladies.

Since this type of situation is quite common in my life - I mean the automatic choice that keeps me away from danger or unpleasant circumstances - I believe my Higher Power is protecting me by sending me in the right direction. Now, before I even have to make a decision, I ask “please, send me in the right direction!”

Hypnosis to the rescue

I also use a recorded hypnosis session which is slowly teaching my subconscious mind to trust my intuition.

Hypnosis - combined with my own attitude - is really helping me to make the right decisions instead of being governed by my emotions. Of course, it doesn't work 100% of the time - I am still a human being after all - but I have to admit that trusting my intuition is definitely keeping me out of trouble.

If you want to learn how to trust your own intuition, try those techniques and see what happens!

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