Mind Illusions:
Another Way to Test Your Mind

Mind illusions can be created by many things such as trick photography, false comparisons, eye sensitivity, missing information, etc. Basically, everything is an illusion. Our mind needs to decipher that illusion in order to gain an awareness of our world. In this article, however, I will focus on specific tricks our mind is playing when we are looking at something. In a way, I am going to play with your mind!

Let's see what kind of illusions we can create with simple pictures.

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Mind Illusions with Trick Photography

One way to achieve an illusion is just to choose a specific angle for your camera so that the reality appears different from it is.

On the photos below, the only trick is the fact that we may not take distance into account. Therefore, an object that is farther - or much farther - than your subject, may appear to be part of it but smaller.

Sun in his hands
The Sun is in his hands

Man on mouth
A man jumping in her mouth

Another way to create an illusion is to manipulate pictures with a software. Using such a software - along with his wacky creativity - my friend Steve Ilott produced an interesting souvenir of Paris...

Eiffel Invasion
Eiffel Invasion, with Steve Ilott and his wife

On the following pictures, I combined my face with Paris Hilton's hair on the left, and with Angelina Jolie's hair on the right. Visit Hair Mixer if you want to do the same with your own face and a celebrity's hair!

Paris Hair Angelina Hair
Should I be like Paris or like Angelina?

Mind Illusions created by Missing Information

When we don't have enough information to understand an image, our mind makes up for what we don't know in order to compensate. The text below is an amazing way to demonstrate how this is done just while we are reading:

Reading english

Of course, when we make things up, we don't always end up with the right result... If you don't know what I mean, here is an example of this type of illusion:

Perception is not truth
What you perceive may not be the truth

Also you may be led to look at things two different ways, like on the examples below:

Book or breasts
Book or breasts?

Window facing
Which side is the window facing?

Mind Illusions through Mind Associations

Instead of lacking information, the following illusions compel you to see beyond the basic elements of the picture, so you become aware of other pictures embedded in the first one.

Hidden faces
Can you find the 13 hidden faces in this picture?

Hidden dolphins
Do you see the 9 dolphins here?

Mind Illusions Creating Confusion

With those illusions, you are forced to make the wrong assumptions, just because your mind is being tricked through visual comparisons or proportions.

Circle in the center
Is the center circle on the left bigger
than on right... or not?

Circles or spirals
If these are concentric circles,
why do you see a spiral?

Mind Illusions Playing with your Retinal Sensitivity

To get the best results out of these pictures, stare at them for at least 30 seconds. Your eyes, more than your mind, will create the illusion. After you have stared for a while, it would be a good idea to rest your eyes.

Stare a the dot

And now, look at Yorick's skull, after reading the instructions under the skull.

Yorick's skull

Impossible Mind Illusions

If your life is too boring and you want to add a bit of craziness, the following illustrations may be helpful. But be careful, because they might also drive you bananas!

Missing square
I am not taking any responsibility
for the obsession this puzzle may create!

Impossible to look at
Ouch! It hurts my eyes!

An interesting exercise

If you want to separate your right brain thinking (emotions and creativity) from your left brain thinking (verbal and logical), try this exercise.

Color test

Finally, is it optical or is it an illusion?

Optical illusion

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