Free Mind Reading Tricks

Mind reading tricks are always fascinating. This page offers a sampling of tricks to entertain both you and your potential audience.

Some are tricks that you may want to perform for your family and friends. You will see that they are very easy to learn, but they can still puzzle your audience. I used to perform those tricks quite successfully when I was a teenager.

The other type of mind reading tricks, which are presented here for your own entertainment, are based on a little programming, but they may still mystify you. For those tricks, you won't get any explanation from me. Enjoy!

Black or Red?

Without looking at a card, and just by holding it on your forehead so that your audience can see it but not you, you are able to guess the color of a playing card.

This is a very simple trick that fooled me for a long time because I never realized the mind reader had an accomplice!
Make sure you are sitting at a table and everyone is looking at you. Your accomplice will be facing you and will play footsy with you: one hit for black, two hits for red (or any code you may decide). This is extremely easy, but it works very well, again and again!

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Which Hand?

You take an object (trinket, pen, card, etc.) from a flat surface, such as a table, and give it to someone. You turn around so that you cannot see what he is doing, or you request to be blindfolded.
You ask him to:
- hold the object above his head for about 20-30 seconds,
- then put the object back on the table and apply both of his hands face down on the table.
Now, you look at the the person and you tell him which hand he has been using. Explanation
Of all the mind reading tricks presented here, this is probably the least related to the mind! When you hold your hand up, the blood tends to leave the hand, making your hand lighter in color. As long as you can see the person's hands relatively quickly after he put his hands on the table, you will notice that the hand that was held up is of a lighter color than the other hand. Don't wait too long because the blood circulation will go back to normal within a few seconds.

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You ask someone to think of a number within a specific range of numbers (instead of numbers, you can use one of the rainbow colors; or one of Snow White's Seven Dwarves; or one of the planets of our solar system - any selection that is relatively limited will do).
You concentrate very hard - or so he thinks - and you ask him to tell you what his choice was.
Let's say he chose number 5. You reach into your pocket, take out a piece of paper and ask him to read it. The paper will have "5" written on it, as if you had predicted it would be his choice. Very impressive! Explanation
The reason for choosing a limited selection of items is to make your work easier.
You need a bit of preparation for this trick. If you choose the seven dwarves, write each dwarf name of a piece of paper.
Then choose seven different locations that you will have to memorize carefully, each hiding a piece of paper. For instance, four can be in the four different pockets of your jacket, plus one in a vase, one in a book, and one in a drawer. When the person gives you his choice, you just have to get the right piece of paper from the right spot. You have to know exactly where to find it, or the trick will not work and you will look silly! Of course, you cannot repeat this trick twice for the same audience.

Telepathy Please follow the instructions below carefully.

  1. Think of a number between 1 and 10.

  2. Multiply the number by 9.

  3. Add the digits of your result.

  4. Subtract 5 from your new number.

  5. Find the letter that corresponds to your number, if 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, etc.

  6. Think of a country that begins with your letter.

  7. Write down the name of that country.

  8. Think of an animal beginning with the second letter of your country.

  9. Think of the color of that animal.

  10. Write down the animal and its color.

  11. Think of an animal that begins with the last letter of your country.

  12. Think of a fruit that begins with the last letter of this second animal.

  13. Write down the fruit and the animal.

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Coins under a Cup

You have a cup full of 12 coins (or any small items such as candies, pebbles, beads, etc.) You need exactly 12 of them.
You ask someone to turn the cup upside-down and to place between 1 and 12 coins under it (and to hide the rest somewhere else) while you leave the room.
When you come back, you are able to guess accurately how many coins are under the cup.

For this trick, you need an accomplice who will place the coins under the cup and will place the cup in a predetermined position. The handle of the cup will represent the position of the hour hand of a clock, indicating 12 possible positions. Therefore, if there are 7 coins under the cup, your accomplice will position the handle at 7 o'clock. Make sure you both know where the 12 o'clock position is, and you can go from there.

Fortune Teller

This is one of my favorite mind reading tricks. Also, when you cannot make up your mind, it can even be very useful!
Ask a Yes/No question, and the Fortune Teller will give you the answer.

Your Question:

Your Fortune Teller says:

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Free Mind Reading Tricks

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