Money Attitude:
How do You Feel towards Money?

Our money attitude, or the way we feel towards money, defines whether we are a spender, a hoarder or a risk-taker. Money is a very powerful motivator and, over the centuries, wars have been fought over it, religions have been denouncing it, and most crimes have been committed in the name of it. Our attitude towards money is also an important predictor of marital compatibility. Taking the test may give you a warning in case your money attitude is the opposite of your partner’s.

Test yourself - True or False?

1. A rich person is also a powerful person.
2. I admire those who have more money than me.
3. I enjoy buying expensive products.
4. I have to admit I like boasting about how much money I earn.
5. I like it when people notice I own or wear something pricey.
6. I like using money to persuade others to do what I want.
7. I love it when I am complimented on my expensive possessions.
8. I often tell people how much I paid for an expensive item, even if they don’t ask.
9. I want to know who makes more money than I do.
10. Money is the symbol of success.
11. When I find out I make more money that someone I used to consider richer than me, I am happy.
12. When shopping, I wonder what others will think of the quality of my purchases.


Give yourself a point for each “True” response and check your score below.

10-12 points: It is your belief that money equals power and prestige, and both of those qualities mean a lot to you. Your feelings of importance and success depend on external recognition. You may not like being around those you believe are worth less than you.

6-9 points: Money is important to you, but so are other things, such as personal achievement and relationships. Your money attitude is relatively balanced.

0-5 points: You don’t use money to enhance your image, no matter how much money you have. To you, money doesn’t equal power and prestige.

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