Questions about the Picture

Here is a list of 20 questions about the picture you have just looked at - or will look at if you just found this page by chance - based on the Memory Technique page. Try to answer as many as you can, and go back to the picture to check.

1. What event are these people attending?

2. How many people can be seen, at least partially, on the picture? 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, or 30-40?

3. What is the weather like?

4. Can you see cars on the picture?

5. What type of flowers is the bride’s bouquet made of?

6. How many children are holding her train?

7. Are they all girls?

8. One woman is wearing black gloves. Is she on the right or on the left of the picture?

9. What is the child on the extreme left of the picture doing with her mouth?

10. How many windows are visible on the back wall?

11. How many windows are open?

12. What are the different colors of the window shutters?

13. Is there a tree on the right on the picture?

14. What type of establishment is open for business in the background?

15. What two colors are all the little girls wearing?

16. How many people are wearing hats? More than 5 or less than 5?

17. What is the hair color of the little girl wearing glasses?

18. What is the bride wearing on her fingers?

19. How old is the man beside the bride? 20 to 39, 40 to 59, or more than 60?

20. How many people are wearing green garments?

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