Past-Life Regression Preparation

Regression preparation is extremely important to ensure the success of your past-life regression. I have often heard of so-called "failed" regressions with reasons such as "the regression didn't work", "I couldn't see anything", "the hypnotist didn't manage to hypnotize me" or "I didn't go deep". Often, those reasons are not failures at all. The problem arises because the person’s expectations were not clarified.

Regression Preparation for Hypnosis

If you have never been hypnotized, it is very important that you click here and read the information on hypnosis, which will give you an idea of what it is – and what it is not!

To feel more comfortable about your ability to be hypnotized, also test your hypnotic capacity.

During a Past-Life Regression, the hypnotic trance is very light. You are entirely aware of everything, and you will remember everything. Because you will keep talking and listening to the hypnotist to share what you are experiencing, you will not go deep.

Regression Preparation for the Actual Session

Past-Life Regressions are based on the principle of reincarnation. They must be approached with an open mind. If you don't feel comfortable with reincarnation, you may block your subconscious mind.

Past-Life Regressions have nothing to do with "Possession." Contrary to a possession, a past-life regression involves no dramatic voice change (even though you may have a different accent), no behavior change, no loss of consciousness (you are entirely aware the whole time) and no hostility.

For your regression preparation, it is essential to understand there are different ways to experience the information:

- like a movie (the best known way, but not the most common)
- quick and cloudy visual impressions or images that disappear
- quick auditory impressions
- information through thoughts
- sounds, like someone whispering in your ear
- words that pass before your inner eyes
- any intuitive experience that allows you to "know"

If you have a tendency towards skepticism, you may think you are imagining things. You are not! By being hypnotized, even very lightly, you are in touch with the memory bank of your subconscious mind, not the very active mental process required by your conscious mind to create and imagine events.

During the regression, you may – or may not – be a person of the opposite sex, and also don’t expect to be a famous personality! Very often, you will recognize people from your present life and this realization often clarifies present relationships.

Please be aware that about 4% of the population cannot be hypnotized, for a variety of reasons. If, by any chance, you are one of them, use the time you have with your hypnotherapist to analyze together the underlying reasons.

Remember, a past-life regression is a way to help you uncover a rich past in order to open up a brighter future!

Regression Preparation

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