Regression Stories:
Kate’s Past Lives

Regression stories are fascinating! When Kate asked me to conduct a past-life regression on her, I had no idea it would be such an amazing experience for both of us. I had personally gone back to past lives with Timeline therapy and Rebirthing techniques, but I had found those episodes very unpleasant. Indeed, since those incidents were spontaneous regressions linked to present distressing problems, I was always going back to traumatic times.

As a hypnotherapist, I had also hypnotized people during group sessions, using a “happy” script that allowed the participants to re-live only positive events, in an enjoyable manner. However, I hadn't had the opportunity to observe the deep benefits of regression stories.

Kate’s regression stories finally opened my eyes. With her, I used the “happy” script to avoid any abreactions (present emotional/physical reaction to a past event). From the start of the hypnosis process, she responded quickly to my induction – actually she was going faster than me!

While in trance, she vividly saw herself as a woman named Kathy, she saw her husband (who is also her present husband), her children and different events of her life in a ranch. She was able to provide specific names, dates, places, and descriptions. Under my guidance, she was also able to understand what she had learned from that lifetime and how this knowledge could be useful in her present life.

Basically, in her present lifetime, she was trying to recreate the happy family of her past, even though the conditions were totally different. Both she and her present husband are divorced with children, and her present goal is to help others through writing, coaching and public speaking. She lives in the suburbs of a large city and has been longing to own a ranch with animals. She recognized the place of her dreams during the regression.

Building on her regression stories and experiences, Kate spent the next few months letting go of her desire to have a happy, homogeneous family, realizing it was in her past. She now had to focus on her present and her future.

Starting to take her career more seriously, she asked for another regression. This time, she went back as Emily to a lifetime just before World War II, speaking with a Southern drawl and uttering sentences such as “Ah bel-eeve in the Bah-ble.” It was so different from her usual speech that I was trying hard not to laugh. However, she was very convincing!

That lifetime was again spent on a farm, an important event of her existence being Summer canning! She had almost died in her teenage years and probably had a near-death experience that persuaded her of the immortality of the soul. She kept trying to bring hope to her entourage when someone died, but most people disbelieved her. She had also tried to help a young, abused girl in her neighborhood, but the girl turned down her help. Since this girl was Kate’s daughter in her present life, she had a feeling of failure regarding that past life.

Once I brought her back, she was able to have a normal conversation, and even to drive herself home, but she later complained of not being completely back. She felt pain in her legs and ear, was very tired, wanted to eat homemade food only, was often speaking with a drawl, and didn’t feel at home. I proposed to regress her to being Emily again in order to deal with any unfinished business.

This time, we did it on the phone (with a headset) and I didn’t use a script. As soon as she closed her eyes, she was back to just before Emily’s death. I had asked her to retain some of her Kate’s personality, in order to have more perspective, but Emily was the only person I heard. With words that seemed to come from the depth of my being, I intuitively convinced her that whatever she hadn’t time to finish in the past, she could always accomplish in her present life. I showed her how her past experience was the reason she so much wanted to speak and help people. I also promised her we would deal with her neighbor/daughter at another time. She finally accepted to leave this lifetime behind and told me she was ready to be Kate again.

When she came back to the present, the pain was gone, she spoke normally and she was highly focused on what she needed to do to help others. The next day, she had a TV interview and she told me “I was entirely Kate and I spoke without any accent!”

Since those first sessions, Kate and I have explored many more lifetimes, and each one has shed a new light on her present relationships, activities and goals, often clarifying baffling issues and allowing her to become the person she really wants to be.

By uncovering your regression stories and understanding your past, you can build a brighter future.

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