Rich People:
What do they have in common?

Rich people, and the way they think and behave, have been studied by many, hoping to emulate them. Yes, being rich is always a dream and often a goal, even though many of us tend to miss this goal!

Quite franky, I am not one of them, at least not yet... But based on extensive research, I have compiled a list of the basic qualities that the rich seem to share. These qualities are not necessarily common to all wealthy people, but they can be found in many of them.

Qualities shared by many rich people

- They refuse to be overwhelmed by the challenges of life. They know that what we concentrate on grows, so they concentrate on opportunities, not obstacles.

- Once they have decided to do something, they start acting right away. They make a commitment, when most of us are contented with wishful thinking.

- They take action instead of being busy. We all have 24 hours per day. The rich make sure they are making good use of their time. They don’t waste time in activities that lead nowhere.

- They take responsibility for what they do, instead of believing the world owes them anything. Rich people know the difference between responsibility and entitlement.

- They understand that the fact that one person gets richer doesn’t make others poorer. Being rich is not like a lottery with only one winner. So, instead of resenting other rich people, they admire them.

- They like being around other rich people, not because they hope it will rub off them, but because they are genuinely interested in what makes them rich.

- The main occupation they select fully capitalizes on their abilities.

- While they usually excel in one area, they have multiple sources of income, many of them being passive income.

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- They are interested in many things, but focus on one at a time. This is a great recipe for success allowing them to take one thing at a time instead of spreading themselves thin. This way, they can accomplish a lot more.

- They think big. They think long term. They know the amount of effort applied at the onset is not proportional to the results. So they look for the maximum reward for the same effort.

- When they are negotiating, they are aggressive. They are willing to walk away from the deal at any time. They are not afraid to lose. If they lose, they have enough energy and commitment to rebuild what they have lost.

- They believe in basic success factors such as integrity, discipline, relationships, hard work, career enjoyment, and leadership skills.

- They reduce their worries with preparation, focus, and decisiveness.

- They usually choose a supportive spouse who complements their goals.

- They often have strong spiritual beliefs.

Since I believe that we first have to “be” before we can “have,” I intend to develop as many of these qualities as I can to become rich in my mind, before I start accumulating wealth! Don’t you want to join me in my quest?

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