Sleep Problem:
When Mr. Sandman Doesn’t Come

Sleep problem? While the following tips won’t solve your sleep problem entirely, they may help decrease it. The clock says 2:30 a.m. Everything is quiet. Everyone is asleep. Everyone, but you. You are wide awake and thinking that you have to get up in just… four hours. What to do?

Feeling that you haven't slept at all

Sometimes you have the feeling you haven’t slept at all, when you have actually been sleeping lightly. Even if you are not sound asleep, your body is still getting some rest and you won’t be as tired in the morning as if you had been up all night.

Sleep cycles explained

About every 90 minutes to two hours, your body starts a new sleep cycle, and you feel sleepy. At that point, you can either fall asleep – first lightly then deeply – or wake up and stay wide awake. While waiting for the next cycle, it may be useful to get up and use this time productively (read, watch TV, do the dishes, write poetry, etc.). Sometimes being awake in bed in the middle of the night leads to obsessive thinking, which usually disappears in the morning. Activity gets rid of the obsession. Sleep Problem

Using the sleep cycles to your advantage

It is easier on your body to sleep for full cycles, than to wake up in the middle of a deep sleep phase. So how can you determine the length of your sleep cycle? Notice when you feel sleepy during the day and jot down the time. A pattern will probably emerge and you will be able to set a different and more enjoyable sleeping schedule.

Putting worries on paper

Are you worried about something in particular? Write it down and forget about it. It can wait on paper till tomorrow.

Serious sleep disorders

If you have sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, or a low energy level, you may feel sleepy during the day without being able to sleep at night. Many alternative medicines can help with this sleep problem. Also, you may want to contact a sleep clinic.

Emotional problems

Do you have emotional problems that cause you to have nightmares or terrors at night? Don’t hesitate to see a counselor. I used to have frightful nightmares, which kept me from resting at night. By dealing with past trauma and practicing meditation, I finally found peace in slumber. Now I sleep like a baby!

I have found that listening to a hypnosis session is a great way to either fall asleep, or to develop healthy sleeping habits. One session called Sleep Tight All Night has done wonders for my sleep patterns. Whenever I cannot sleep, I listen to it, and I am out like a light!

As human beings we need to spend about one third of our lives sleeping. This is how we regenerate our bodies and minds. Lack of sleep can cause many problems such as reduced attention, concentration, and productivity, as well as accidents, irritability, or depression. So make it easy for Mr. Sandman to visit you. Sleep tight!

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