Soul Mate Compatibility Test:
Six Tips to Help You Write
Your Top Five Qualities List

A soul mate compatibility test may be what you are looking for if you are getting ready to decide to manifest your soul mate partner. Especially if you are worried about the compatibility factors that will play a key role in whether your partnership works effectively over the long haul.

It is hard enough to decide whether you are ready to be in relationship with someone else. It is even more difficult to begin the process of manifesting your own right partner. Keep the following tips in mind when deciding whether you are ready to manifest your right soul mate partner.

* Inner Qualities are always more critical to your long-term relationship wellness than the physical stuff

* List out at least 10-15 Top Qualities that your long-term soul mate partner MUST have and mull this Top 10-15 Qualities List over for at least a couple of days

* Choose the Top 5 Qualities and compile this list, shifting and changing the order according to importance to YOU until you are happy that it fully reflects you and your most important criteria

* Mull this Top 5 Qualities List over for another two days minimum until you are sure it PERFECTLY reflects the very best qualities your perfect soul mate partner must have

* Make copies of your Top 5 Qualities Soul Mate Partner List and put them in important places: your diary, your journal, on or beside each mirror, your fridge etc

* Imagine in full living colour how you feel with your perfect soul mate partner as you both engage in activities that YOU thoroughly enjoy


Take your time to do this right and you will reap the benefits for years to come. Years from now, when your relationship is going through challenges and shifting currents, you will be able to remember your Top 5 Qualities List. You will find that the most well thought-out qualities will always be the ones that bring your relationship back into balance and harmony every time!

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With love and blessings from Angela Chen Shui, "the Soul Alignment Coach".

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