Teen Love Test
How to Tell whether it's Love

This short teen love test should help you understand your feelings better if you suspect you are in love. Things are always changing in your life and love may be new to you.

Being in love as a teen is not like being in love as an adult. As a teenage boy or girl, it may be the first time you are experiencing these types of emotions. You are not yet sure of what is happening, and what is the appropriate way to deal with those types of feelings. That is perfectly normal. You will find below a few statements about teen love. If most of them apply to you, you are definitely in love!

Teen Love Test - Do you love him or her?

Smiling. You can't help smiling when you see that special person.

Feeling special. He or she makes you feel so special. You feel better when you are around him or her, and you feel the chemistry between the two of you.

Honesty and respect. You are very much aware of the honesty and respect permeating your relationship. It is easy for you to share deep secrets with this person.

Trust. You trust him or her completely. Jealousy or selfishness don't seem to exist for you. You simply want to be close to each other.

Teen Love Test - Does he or she love you?

Asking friends. He or she wants to know how you feel about him or her, and doesn't hesitate to ask your friends.

Blushing. He or she blushes when talking to you.

Sharing secrets. He or she tells you secrets that he or she hasn't shared with anyone else. When speaking to you, he or she has a tendency to lean towards you.

Spending time with you. He or she tries to spend extra time with you, by sitting closer to you in class, eating lunch with you, walking you home after school, or finding any excuse to be around you.

Seeking your approval. Your opinion of him or her is extremely important to him or her. He or she wants your approval.

All the statements of this teen love test don't need to be true for you to be in love but the more statements apply to you, the more likely you are experiencing teen love. Enjoy this time of your life to the fullest while it lasts, because love and relationships tend to get a lot more complicated as you grow up!


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