Tree Drawings:
What do they Reveal about You?

Tree drawings have grown with me. Because at school, I was a year younger than my schoolmates, I was regularly given psychological tests probably meant to make sure the teacher was not wasting her time with me. One of those tests was drawing a tree. Year after year, I remember the counselor asking me questions about my tree, but I was never given an explanation of what it meant. Since I already had an inquisitive mind, I found this lack of sharing very frustrating.

When I started studying psychology and hypnotherapy, I remembered this test and began looking for an interpretation. After extensive readings and research, I am now ready to share with you a simplified interpretation of what a tree may reveal about your personality. Are you excited yet?

Draw a Tree

Using a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil, please take no more than 3 minutes to draw a tree, any way you like.

Then, click here to discover what your tree says about you. You won’t have to wait for 40 years to get your interpretation!

Tree Drawings

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