Tree Test Results
What your tree says about you

Tree with love roots
Picture by Sandra Saradesi (Pasqualini)
Here are your tree test results, based on the Tree Drawing instructions provided here.

Basically, we are going to look at the trunk, the limbs, the leaves, the roots, and a few other details. Like with any other test, please take this interpretation with a grain of salt!


The trunk represents the sense of who you are, and how intact your personality is. Heavy lines or shadings indicate anxiety. If the trunk is small, you may feel weak; if it is large, you have more strength. If the tree is split in the middle, as if it had been hit by lightning, you may feel very fragile inside. It may also reveal a mental illness.


They symbolize the efforts you make to get connected to the world around you and how you support your needs to survive. Detached limbs can indicate difficulties to reach out and get help. Small branches show limited skills in reaching out, while big branches may make you a bit overbearing in your quest to meet your needs. Club-shaped or very pointy branches reveal aggressiveness. Knotted or twisted branches – as well as knots or twists in the bark – may represent twisted efforts to reach out. Dead branches mean hopelessness. When the tree is in the shape of a ball, and no branches are detailed, you may be very careful in the experiences and people you choose.


They show that your efforts to reach out are successful. Without leaves, you may feel barren. When the leaves are detached from the branches, the nurturing you get could be unpredictable. Pointy leaves may indicate an aggressive behavior. Extremely detailed leaves could reveal some obsessive-compulsive tendencies.


They are what grounds you and show how much in touch you are with reality. No roots can mean insecurity and lack of grounding. Large roots can indicate excessive concern with testing your reality. You proceed slowly. Dead roots could be a feeling of being disconnected from reality, leading to emptiness.

Other details

Fruit provide a sense of accomplishment. Apples reveal a high need for nurturing.

An out-of-season Christmas tree – or should I say Holiday tree – can be a fantasy to be a child again.

Knotholes could reveal an absence of self-control or even a trauma, and the height up the tree shows the age of this trauma.

Small animals may give an idea of what is happening in your subconscious mind, depending on the type of animal.

A weeping willow could indicate depression.

I hope you enjoy your tree test results. Are they what you expected? Do they reveal something you didn't know about yourself? Well, don't take those results too seriously unless, of course, they are really positive!

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Tree Test Results

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