Universal Energy Healing:
My Personal Experiences

Universal energy healing is often hard to believe. Therefore, I have decided to share with my readers a few of my personal experiences with this type of healing.

Universal energy healing experiences
1 - After the Basic Class (Laying on of the hands method)

Crohn’s Disease

My friend Debra has been suffering from Crohn’s disease and almost died from it. In recent years, thanks to different healing techniques and a very positive attitude, she has recovered, but never to 100%. Just after I took my Basic class, I did a 5-minute Universal Energy healing on her. She is very sensitive to energy and felt a tremendous current going through her body during the treatment.

This is what Debra wrote the day after her Universal Energy healing.


Holy smokes, girl!!!!! You have no idea what your treatment did for me!!!!! I couldn’t stay awake to even watch ½ show after you left. Kevin was amazed! I woke up 1 hour later in tremendous pain in my bottom end, the rectum area. I have had 4-5 surgeries there in the past. I tried doing Reiki but wouldn’t help. I grabbed Kevin’s arm and was crying the pain was so bad. I am thinking it was more scar tissue coming out. This morning when I woke up I sneezed for over ½ hour. Another clearing, I feel. My intestines feel healthy – first time in over 20 years. Scar tissue cleared. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From all of that, Kevin is quite a believer in your work!!! Never saw that one coming!!!

The coughing speaker

Judith was going to present a speech during the second half of our meeting. However, she had a terrible cold and was constantly coughing. During the break, I found her in the bathroom, trying to clear her throat... to no avail. I offered to “do a little technique I had recently learned”. She readily accepted. I lightly touched the base of her neck (5th chakra) and the top of her head (7th chakra) for less than a minute because the meeting was starting again. Judith was able to do her presentation without any interruption and I never heard her cough again that evening.

Bad knee

Philip had injured his knee several months ago, and had been limping for a long time. Each time the knee was getting better, Philip did “something stupid”, like running or jumping, and he would hurt his knee again. I offered a universal energy healing, which I performed twice, on two different occasions. The pain disappeared.

Forgetting his weak knee, Philip went running around the neighborhood with his son, but... the pain didn’t come back! Six months later, after a long day of walking, the pain reappeared. Again, I did a brief treatment, and the pain disappeared, seemingly forever.

Universal Energy Healing Experiences
2 - After the Intermediate Level I (Remote healing)

Coughing on the train

When I first received the ability to use my 6th chakra (on the forehead) for remote healing, it was the middle of winter and the train was full of people sneezing and coughing. One evening, two ladies sitting close to me were competing as to who would cough the most. I discretely did an energy transfer to both of them, separately. The coughing became less frequent. Then it stopped altogether. Interestingly, when I left the train, they were both asleep, or at least resting with their eyes closed. No more coughing.

Help with AIDS

For the last few months, I have been sending Universal Energy every day to a man located in France who was diagnosed HIV-positive. I recently heard that he is puzzling all the doctors and specialists because, even though he still has the disease, he doesn’t have any of the AIDS symptoms and is in perfect health. They want to study this special case...

Update nine months later: Still no AIDS symptoms. Universal Energy Healing seems to work!

Energy Boost

(This is an actual email exchange between Jennifer and me. We had decided to meet that evening. I had written to her to confirm the time of our meeting)

Jennifer to Frédérique at 11:50 AM

Hi Frédérique,

Yes if we can meet at 7 and not make it a late evening that would be great. Say for 1 hour? I have such a headache and I am so bloated and very swollen. My socks don't even fit. Anything you can do with the UE? Please feel free to send some miracle to me! I can't accomplish anything right now.
Love Jennifer


Frédérique to Jennifer at 11:58 AM

I just sent you a large amount of UE. Hope it reaches you soon, and goes exactly where it is needed!
See you tonight!



Jennifer to Frédérique at 2:01 PM

Oh you are good@!! My headache is almost gone and you have moved the bloating. I have more energy and am just working on my homework. I am doing his course to get a focus on what I really want. The ideas and vision are just flowing out of me!
Thank you!!


Again Jennifer to Frédérique at 2:23 PM

Hi Fredy!

I was just talking to Bill. He phoned to see how I was feeling. I told him you worked miracles on me again. He asked me to send you an email and ask if you can do the same for him. He is not feeling too hot. He is feeling very exhausted and burnt out. I cannot believe the energy I have right now.
You are great!


Frédérique to Jennifer at 2:31 PM

Just sent UE to Bill. Hope he received it!
Once the energy leaves my 6th chakra it is not up to me any longer!



Jennifer to Bill at 2:39 PM

Hi Bill,
Frédérique just sent you some Universal Energy. Please email her and say thanks, okay.
Love Jennifer


Bill to Frédérique at 2:41 PM

Hi Frederique,

Thanks for the boost in energy!!!



Epilogue by Frédérique

That evening, I visited Jennifer and Bill. They both displayed an incredible amount of energy!

Jennifer was very lively and couldn’t stop talking.

Bill went shopping, then he took the dogs for a run, then he went jogging alone.

It was hard to believe they were feeling so worn-out a few hours before and so alive after I did my Universal Energy Healing!

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