Universal Energy Training

The Basic Class of universal energy training, developed by Master Luong Minh Dang, founder of Mankind Enlightenment Love (MEL), allows beginners with no previous healing experience to develop healing abilities for themselves and others with a “laying on of hands” method. This class is relatively inexpensive.

training at the Basic Level consists of studying a healing technique based on the chakras (nerve centers) and learning a specific meditation method.

Students acquire their healing ability as soon as their chakras are “opened”, a process done in three steps. To keep this ability alive, they are advised to practice the technique on themselves every day (no more than 5 minutes) after a brief meditation.

Contrary to other disciplines, such as Reiki, MEL practitioners cannot charge for the healing they provide and must always do it free.

Testimonial from a student, four days after she took the Basic Class

...I wanted to thank you again for the training on Sunday, it was such an amazing experience. I wanted to tell you that the next day, my daughter came home and said that she felt that she had been hit in the stomach and although nothing had physically hit her she was in pain and holding her stomach. I performed the healing with special focus on the stomach. Instantly she felt relief and within 2 hours the pain was gone.
I also performed a healing on my husband that day as his sinuses were bothering him. Minutes after the healing, he began to feel relief. I have performed 3 other healings and have felt the heat that you described. (...) I know I will be back to work with you again in the future....

Are you interested in taking a class?

MEL (now called HUE FACULTY) is present in more than 70 countries. For a class near you, check the MEL-Global website.

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