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What's new on The Way of the Mind?

Teen Love Test

This teen love test will help you determine whether you are in love

Continue reading "Teen Love Test"

Weight Loss Food

This article presents a listing of weight loss food based on low glycemic index.

Continue reading "Weight Loss Food"

Falling in Love Signs

Learn how to read the Falling in Love signs

Continue reading "Falling in Love Signs"

How Old Am I

How old am I? How to find the answer without asking the question openly.

Continue reading "How Old Am I"

Common Relationship Problems

Common relationship problems are not as obvious as "big" relationship problems. However, when a relation fails, there are practically always deeper reasons.

Continue reading "Common Relationship Problems"

Flirting Body Language

This test will help you evaluate how good you are at reading flirting body language

Continue reading "Flirting Body Language"

Regression preparation

Regression preparation is extremely important to ensure the success of your past-life regression. Therefore, your expectations need to be clarified.

Continue reading "Regression preparation"

How to Stay Young

Brahm Memone is sharing how to stay young through an inner process

Continue reading "How to Stay Young"

Are we compatible

Are we compatible? Hand analysis is an excellent way to discover whether you and your partner are compatible

Continue reading "Are we compatible"

Training your mind

This page presents a description of a seminar entitled Training Your Mind for Success

Continue reading "Training your mind"

Diversity in the workplace

As diversity in the workplace is rapidly increasing, learn what social skills are expected, allowed, or unacceptable in today's Western business environment.

Continue reading "Diversity in the workplace"

Hypnosis Seminars

These Hypnosis Seminars and Subconscious Social Skills Seminars are presented by Frederique Herel.

Continue reading "Hypnosis Seminars"

What is Self Esteem

What is Self Esteem? This rather complicated concept is illustrated with an image showing the roles of Self-esteem and the Ego.

Continue reading "What is Self Esteem"

Creativity Test

This creativity test allows you to appreciate how much imagination and creativity you have.

Continue reading "Creativity Test"

Diet Motivation

Looking for diet motivation? The failure of diet programs is so great that a leading researcher has proclaimed dieting to be "the leading cause of obesity in North America." Read more about it.

Continue reading "Diet Motivation"

Quick Weight Loss Tips

The following quick weight loss tips provide advice to help you lose weight in a variety of ways.

Continue reading "Quick Weight Loss Tips"

Stop Smoking Advice

Stop smoking advice is only good if you are ready to listen to it. If you really want to quit, hypnosis may help!

Continue reading "Stop Smoking Advice"

Free Romantic Compatibility Reports

The Free Romantic Compatibility Reports page allows you to evaluate the Romance and Intimacy levels of your relationship

Continue reading "Free Romantic Compatibility Reports"

Relationship Information

The Relationship Information section encompasses a wide variety of relationships: love and dating relationships, marriage relationships, work relationships, etc.

Continue reading "Relationship Information"

Mind Reading Tricks

This page presents a sampling of free mind reading tricks, whether or not you have an audience.

Continue reading "Mind Reading Tricks"

Tree Drawings

Tree drawings are often given as personality tests. What do they reveal about you?

Continue reading "Tree Drawings"

Tree Test Results

What does your tree drawing say about you? Check your tree test results!

Continue reading "Tree Test Results"

Signs of Lying

The signs of lying listed on this page are organized into physical and verbal signs, with a brief explanation of each one.

Continue reading "Signs of Lying"

Self Help Hypnosis

The following self help hypnosis products allow you to slowly and permanently reprogram your mind in the comfort of your own home, any time you want and for as long as you want

Continue reading "Self Help Hypnosis"

Improve Memory

This section is meant to help you expand and improve memory, but also understand how memory works.

Continue reading "Improve Memory"