Weight Gain Causes:
Discovery Questionnaire

Identifying weight gain causes often puts an overweight problem into perspective and helps find a solution. The following questionnaire is meant to help you determine possible weight gain causes.

First, try to remember what was happening in your life when you started being overweight. Then ask yourself the following questions.

1. Are you fighting an addiction, such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, etc.?
2. During your childhood, were you strongly influenced by a parent or authority figure who was overweight?
3. Have you ever been given food as a reward or asked to eat to prove you are a good person? (e.g., "If you eat up all your food, you’ll have a nice dessert, a trip to Disneyland, etc.")
4. Are you turning to food when you are angry, lonely, tired, or in need of love and comfort?
5. Do you tend to eat when you are stressed or anxious?
6. Have you ever been sexually abused, either as a child or in your adult life, or do you suspect it may have happened without having conscious memories of it?
7. Do you have a domineering or unfaithful spouse/partner who would prefer you to be thin?
8. Have you been told you were worthless and, deep down, do you feel you need to be punished?
9. Have you ever been told in your childhood that you will be fat because all girls (or boys) in the family are fat?
10. Is somebody close to you very sick (and very thin) or did someone close die very thin?

11. At an early age, were you put in charge of younger children (i.e., siblings) and told than big people protect small people?
12. Were you often encouraged by words such as “eat your food and you’ll be big and strong”?
13. Is your significant other a workaholic?
14. Are you avoiding sex because of a specific fear?
15. Do you have a high sexual drive and fear of being unfaithful?
16. Are you hoping to get pregnant?
17. Have you lost interest in sex?
18. Do you eat when you are bored?
19. Do you overeat to please someone (i.e., to satisfy your mother/wife) or to be polite because it is expected in your culture?
20. Do you tend to finish your children’s leftovers so that the food won’t go to waste?

Being aware of possible weight gain causes goes a long way in helping you deal with the problem. If you want to read more on this, the above questionnaire is excerpted from Frédérique Herel’s e-book “Harmony Weight Management System - A Holistic Approach based on Hypnosis, Self-Discovery, Food Knowledge, Exercise and Motivation.” The book explains in details how to deal with each issue on an emotional level. It also contains information on food, exercise and advice on how to keep the weight off forever.

If after identifying your weight gain causes you are interested in learning more on how to face your own issues, you may want to get a copy of Frédérique Herel’s e-book. The book is part of a system that includes one book and three hypnosis sessions. Each item can be purchased individually or as a package. For more information, click here.

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