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Why have Weight Loss Advice on a website that is primarily focused on the mind? Because gaining and losing weight are things we do with the mind!

Weight Loss Advice #1: The role of the mind is instrumental in losing or gaining weight

From the moment we are born, emotions, fears, experiences, traumas, caregivers, religion, culture, etc. affect what food and how much food we decide to ingest, as opposed to what our bodies really need.

If you are interested in finding out whether an overweight problem may be related to a specific attitude, event, or person in your life, take the test “Weight Gain Causes." It will provide weight loss advice geared specifically to you.

Weight Loss Advice #2: Be mindful of dieting, overeating, and metabolism

Most people wanting to lose weight tend to turn to diets. Unfortunately, diets are not the miracle cure most expect. In order to understand the problem caused by diets – specifically, “starving” diets – read the article “Diet Motivation: Do Diets Work?”

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Of course, it is important to realize that gaining weight is directly related to overeating. Now, contrary to popular weight loss advice, overeating doesn’t mean eating massive amounts of food, indulging in French fries, donuts, and foods that are not good for you. Overeating is actually eating more than your body requires. If you eat more than required, your weight will increase, if you eat less, you will lose weight.

Who is responsible? The body’s metabolism, which regulates how much food the body burns and how much it keeps. And just like all our automatic systems, such as breathing, digesting, or sweating, our metabolism is controlled by our subconscious mind.

Each individual metabolism varies greatly from one person to the next. One person’s metabolism may burn up a tremendous amount of food while another person’s will be moderate.

If we have a low rate of food absorption (metabolism), the body will store most of the food we eat as fat. The body stores fat because the person is eating more than the body requires. Hence, it is overeating that causes overweight, not the amount of food eaten.

Since the metabolism is controlled by the subconscious mind, one way to accelerate the absorption rate is to influence the mind by sending proper suggestions through hypnosis. Based on a research project of the University of Wisconsin, Turbo-Metabolism is a hypnosis recording that has proven useful in boosting metabolism.

Weight Loss Advice #3: Remember to exercise

Exercise speeds up the metabolism because our subconscious mind in programmed to respond by using more energy when it is stimulated by something that is similar to fighting or running, just like in the fight or flight syndrome. On the other hand, when we are resting or moving relatively slowly, the mind believes that energy from food is not required.

One person eating a bag of chips between a swim race and a bicycle ride will gain no weight, while someone eating the same bag of chips lying down and watching TV will. In the first case, the body immediately uses the energy supplied by the chips; in the second case, it stores the energy to use it later.

Exercise doesn’t have to be costly or painful. Check this article to motivate yourself to exercise.

Weight Loss Advice #4: Love yourself

Sometimes, despite all our efforts and all possible advice, we don’t manage to lose the weight we want. This is usually because of one of the unconscious reasons identified in the Weight Gain Causes Questionnaire. In this case, don’t get down on yourself. Just learn to love yourself the way you are. Self esteem plays a big part in the way we feel and the way we look. Read the article You are so beautiful! in order to see that you are indeed beautiful and worth loving.

By loving yourself, you may not necessarily lose weight, but you will definitely be more attractive!

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