Weight Loss Exercises
could be Fun!

Weight loss exercises don't necessarily require hi-tech equipment, fancy or tight apparel, or expensive memberships.

All you need is to have fun. If you don't have fun, you will stop exercising.

Just be creative. If you don't have any ideas, how about the following weight loss exercises?

· Try to outrun your dog (or cat, hamster, kangaroo, spouse, boss, etc.)
· Buy a hula-hoop and see how long you can keep it twirling.
· Dance to Mambo or Salsa music while preparing your meals.
· Put on a Pilates video and follow the instructor.
· Go to a dance hall and learn ballroom dancing. If you don't have a teacher, learn by osmosis.
· Play baseball with your kids, or borrow some if you don't have any (you can also practice making some, but it may take longer.)
· Study Tai Chi at your local community center.
· Send for a yoga DVD. Watch it. Do it (the last step is very important).
· Keep dumbbells beside your desk, and exercise your arms while waiting for your computer to run a program.
· Make a point to know all the streets of your neighborhood by walking there.
· Buy a skipping rope and see how long you can skip without dying (it is essential that you don't die).
· When you go shopping, park your car as FAR as possible from the door so you can walk more (you will also find a lot more parking spots.)

The above list is excerpted from Frédérique Herel’s e-book “Harmony Weight Management System - A Holistic Approach based on Hypnosis, Self-Discovery, Food Knowledge, Exercise and Motivation.”

The book contains information on emotional weight gain causes, food to lower your blood sugar, exercise and advice on how to keep the weight off forever. It is part of a system that includes one book and three hypnosis sessions. Each item can be purchased individually or as a package. For more information, click here.

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