You Are So Beautiful!

You are so beautiful! Yes, you are!

We are constantly bombarded with advice on how to become thinner, stronger, firmer, slimmer, blonder, darker, or younger-looking, and we tend to compare ourselves to supermodels with whom we have nothing in common. But have you taken a good look at yourself lately? Do you know you are the most beautiful person there is? Yes, you are a precious gift to the world, because nobody else can ever be YOU.

Think about it. You have a brain that can perceive, process information, make decisions, and control your actions. You have legs that help you go from one place to another. You have arms that can hug people and carry things, hands that can hold and touch, a mouth that can eat, speak and kiss.

Wow! You are so beautiful! Every part of your being, whether physical or not, is working in perfect harmony with the rest of you, to allow you to be the one and only you. You don’t have to think about breathing or digesting. The wonderful human machine can also work automatically. And even though it needs some adjustments from time to time, where else can you find a machine as complex as yourself and designed to work constantly for about 80 years?

If you are not convinced you are beautiful, take a mirror and examine carefully the iris of your eyes. See the depth and diversity of their colour. Listen to your heart beating merrily away and pumping life through your arteries. Feel your hands, their flexibility, their softness and their strength. They can grasp, lift, squeeze and push, and still be sensitive enough to stroke a kitten’s fur or a baby’s cheek.

Reflect on every part of your body and your mind and discover the wonder of your creation. What does a bald spot up here or a few extra pounds down there matter, when you consider the miracle of who you are? Stop comparing yourself to anyone else. You are able to smile, to laugh, to cry, to learn, to improve, to be active, to be quiet, to be serious, to be emotional, and you are the only one able to do it your way.

You are so beautiful and no one else is exactly like you. Your uniqueness is something to celebrate. Reflect on Jo Coudert’s statement: “Of all the people you will ever know, you are the only one you will never leave or lose”. Be kind to the wonderful being you are. You will only have yourself to thank for it!

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